Our financial consultancy services include:

  • Cash Flow Projections and reporting periodically on comparison of actual to the projections.
  • Preparation of budgets and reporting to management in comparison to actual through the budget period.
  • Assessment/ review of finance requirements and advise for optimum sourcing.
  • Review of bank credit facilities and advise for optimum use of the facilities.

Fund Raising – Debt and Equity

Proper finance and debt management are the essence of the business in this competitive world and we understand our Clients’ requirements and provide services related to Project Financing/Syndication of Loans at best interest rates available in the market.

Equity Funding

We arrange Private Equity from Local as well as Global Funds. We work from startups to late stage companies and work across all sectors and provide end to end advisory service to companies during their fund-raising process. Our team evaluates the business model, capital structure, stage of development and other strategically critical issues, in the light of specific circumstances and strategic goals of clients.

Debt Syndication

Our corporate finance team deals with corporate clients and offer a complete solution to meet their debt requirements. Our expertise includes syndication and structuring of complex transactions through innovative financing options. We have a strong working relationship across the banking sector. Our experienced team employs a collaborative approach to meet clients’ funding objectives.