Corporate Services - Company Formation

Starting a business in Dubai is a dream for many ambitious entrepreneurs not just from Asian countries, but even from the West. Why is it so? For over six centuries, its creek has provided a haven for the merchant vessels laden with goods from Dubai’s traditional trading partners in the Far East, the Indian subcontinent and Africa. It is not surprising therefore, that entrepreneurs are flocking to set up business in UAE. Each country has certain rules and regulations that are to be followed while starting a new organization. Company formation in UAE is also subject to several rules and regulations. Evas International as one of the top professional consultancy companies in Dubai, UAE, assists clients to comply with such laws.

The great economic and political environment that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) makes the UAE a very favorable destination to many global entities and aspiring entrepreneurs. Also, the UAE government serves the best services and support for businesses set up in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah and other cities within the UAE. The incorporation of new companies is much easier in UAE compared to other countries, though there are regulations that need to be followed, and documentation to be completed. Evas International provides comprehensive solutions for business setup in the UAE. Our incorporation team ensures seamless company formation in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. We are proud to mention that we work closely with several government agencies in the UAE and are intimately familiar with the intricacies of government procedures and their working. Our company incorporation services take away all the incorporation hassles off you. Right from conducting feasibility studies to assisting in deciding the best place and legal form for your enterprise, securing the physical space required, helping comply with regulations, obtaining licenses and manpower services, we are with you in every step of the process.

These are the types of companies we help our clients set up as part of our Business Setup Services in UAE:

  • Resident onshore companies in UAE [LLC, Branch of Foreign Company, Civil Company etc.]
  • Free Zone Companies
  • Offshore Companies – UAE [approved Registered Agent in JAFZA, DMCC, RAK& RAKIA]
  • Offshore Companies – Overseas jurisdictions

Dubai Mainland Companies

Dubai mainland companies are being governed by the Federal Law no 2 of 2015. These companies are also governed by the Ministry of Labor. In Dubai mainland, to set up Limited Liability Company, any foreign national requires a UAE national partner with a minimum of 51% shareholding. However, for Civil Companies and Sole Proprietorships, only a local service agent is required, and he is not required to be a shareholder. Also, the Branch of Foreign Companies or Representative Office of Foreign Company can be opened in Dubai mainland.

Free zone Companies

Each Free Zone Company is governed by regulations and bylaws of the respective Free Zone Authority. There are over 50 Free Zone Authorities spread over all seven emirates in UAE. They provide a unique opportunity to prospective investor to set up the company with 100% foreign ownership, 100% import and export tax exemptions, 100% repatriation of capital and profit, no corporate and personal income tax and several other benefits. Even provisions of Federal Law and Ministry of Labor are also not applicable to these companies.

Off-Shore Companies

Off-shore Companies are special status non-resident companies formed under various off-shore company authorities as per their regulations and bylaws. Offshore companies’ shares may be subscribed by individuals or corporate bodies both residents and non-residents of UAE. Such types of companies can be used as special purpose vehicles for commercial investment and owning freehold properties in the UAE. Right from deciding which of the offshore locations is suitable to the governmental formalities like documentation, there are many aspects which necessitate expert assistance. At Evas International we offer appropriate legal and other services to help you set up your business in a professional manner, enable finding the right sponsorship and so on. We also provide support for the initial three months and assist in preparing all the documents and taking care of legal formalities. Evas International is an approved business consulting firm that offers customized solutions to our customers. Our experience and expertise in the field deliver exemplary, not just for setup but for the sustenance of your business entity too.

Incorporating your Business: The Role We Play

  1. Advice on the appropriate legal structure of the business
  2. Advice on the location of the proposed venture
  3. Assistance in preparing the required documentation for submission
  4. Assistance in obtaining office/land in the free zones and in Dubai
  5. Co-ordination with the free zone / government authorities for approvals and obtaining incorporation documents
  6. Assistance in processing visas and labor cards and immigration formalities
  7. Secretarial services for the new company till regular operations commence
  8. Reminder for renewal of licenses
  9. Co-ordination with the free zone / government authorities for renewal of the licenses.

Other Corporate Services and Professional Services

We have expertise in drafting various agreements in order to safeguard the Clients interest and to comply with the regulatory framework.

EVAS International believes the excellence in business is achieved predominantly through financial discipline. In the recent past, certain of the successful SMEs in the Middle East could not sustain their success due to inefficient management of the resources of the Companies.

At EVAS International, we help our clients to focus on what is more important to their organization, bring clarity and then assisting them to apply the procedure to make the difference. We specialize in helping businesses to lift their performance through the disciplined pursuit of excellence. All professional services provided by EVAS International, primarily focus on creating value to the business for its success, excellence, and sustainability.

  • Corporate Training and Seminars
  • Trademark Registration
  • Liquidation of Companies
  • NRI Tax Advisory.