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The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that despite having the effects of the pandemic had experienced strong economic growth in recent years, not only because of the oil and gas sector, but also other industries such as tourism, construction, technology, and finance and in an urge to become a self-sufficient producer. The key element that had catalysed UAE’s economic growth during the years has been its great and matured leadership and long-term vision.

In the race to solidify UAE’s superiority, the leadership dedicates extreme attention to strengthen compliances and controls to maintain the region for fair business practices.

One such landmark decision made last year was the introduction of UAE Corporate Tax. With its easily comprehendible compliances and comparatively low tax rate is sure to set the business framework in line with the country’s long-term vision.

Our team have gone in great details of the corporate tax law and have accordingly prepared two documents for your preferential reading:

– Handbook on UAE Corporate Tax
– Q & A themed ‘Around the law in 100 questions’


Make a difference, the Evas International way.

At EVAS International, we have a team of auditors, tax agents, consultants, and accountants with professional experience of more than 15 years in varied and diverse businesses across the United Arab Emirates and GCC Region. We offer innovative solutions to businesses on a variety of matters related to the management of the business, which can act as a catalyst for the success of the business.

We support your business to strive for success. We deliver the highest value by collaborating across services to create advanced, custom-made solutions to resolve client’s complex challenges in a professional and ethical manner.

Vijaya Mohan, FCA

Managing Partner


Evas International was established over a decade ago with a vision that stays true to this day. A radical idea to change the way business is conducted in the region. To give other visionaries, entrepreneurs, and companies the financial guidance and tools to create disruptive transformation.

Ours is undoubtedly a competitive industry where the majority market share is controlled by a handful of international players and the remaining is occupied by one to many new entrants. However, what has helped us conquer and build a unique presence is our unwavering commitment to quality and real-time progress for our clients.

We are a people focussed business. The success of our business lies in the trust and relationships that we have been able to build with our clientele and our team. Our team consist of seasoned industry experts with strong work ethics, experience and unrivalled passion which translates into everything we do.

Our corporate culture is defined by values that define the way we operate every single day: Respect, Trust, and Accountability. These values are a direct reflection of how we interact with our clients, our team, and our community. I sincerely hope that this gives you a few reasons to get to know us better. Regardless of whether you are a potential client, a small business owner, or a future employee, we look forward to learning more about how we can work together and help you achieve real progress.

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