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Top 10 auditing firms in Dubai - EVAS International

Jun, 13
auditing firms in dubai

Nowadays, every business needs professional auditing firms to maintain their accounts according to the changing rules in finance sector. Many chartered accountants have created their own identity in serving different clients all over the world. When it comes to the top auditing firms in Dubai the team of chartered accountants are working on not only gaining industry experience but they are also well versed with technical knowledge that is essential in financial matters these days.

Top 10 auditing firms in Dubai

1. Evas International

2. Adonis Kanaan Certified Public Accountants

3. Talal Abu Ghazaleh & Co. International LLC (Dubai Branch)

4. As’ad Abbas & Co

5. Ashok Kapur & Associates Limited

6. Awni Farsakh & Co.

7. BDO Chartered Accountants & Advisors

8. Meralis Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors

9. Baker Tilly MKM, Chartered Accounts

10. BEHL, LAD & AL SAYEGH Chartered Accountants

Role of auditing firms in Dubai

The auditing firms in Dubai offer different accounting services to cater to the needs of their clients. Their services include auditing, accounting, financial reporting etc. They help the clients get the personalized business solutions that suit their needs.

The auditing firms in Dubai provide customizable services to their clients wherein they try to understand their business needs and analyze their financial status and provide the right solution for them. They employ professional, certified and experienced auditors to serve their clients better. As auditing firms in Dubai have an expert in house team they are able to provide a range of business solutions to the clients easily.

Experienced Auditors improve the financial status of any business

The professional auditing firms in Dubai hire experienced auditors to offer better financial consultation and they keep a track of financial matters and accounts systematically. When you hire their professional services you will get work done from expert auditors who understand your business and key areas where you need changes. They suggest ideal plans and then development strategies that improve your business and financial status. They understand your business goals and help you build a strong base for future growth.

Transparency plus confidentiality is the objective of top auditing firms

As auditing firms in Dubai employ professional auditors they gain trust of their clients via confidentiality and transparency. When you hire them you need not worry about the confidentiality of your financial information as it will be secure in hands of professional auditors. The auditor works towards providing best business solutions and transparency in accounts so that you know where you need improvement in your business.

Services offered by top auditing firms in Dubai

There are a wide range of services offered by top auditing firms in Dubai and they include

Accounting services

The top auditing firms in Dubai streamline both administrative and accounting systems in a systematically. They provide both part time & periodic supervision services for accounting by expert and qualified accountants.

Audit & Assurance

The auditing firms in Dubai provide structured solutions to offer the right business solutions. The services comprise of Statutory Audits, Audit & Assurance and Internal Audits.

Management consultancy

There is lot of personal risk involved when it is about running a business. The auditing firms in Dubai make sure deliver systematic project reports as well as feasibility studies. Management reports prepared by the team of auditors include recommendations and organisational reviews.

They help the entrepreneurs to make decisions. With proper market research they suggest investors if their investment in new business would fetch them expected returns.

Debt & Equity

In this competitive world debt management and proper finance management is essential for any business. The auditing firms in Dubai understand the requirements of their clients and offer different services that are associated with loans, financing and the affordable interest rates.

Help start a new business

If you are planning to start a new business in Dubai and you aren’t aware about the rules there, auditing firms in Dubai help you start a new business and help you know the rules and regulations in Dubai.

They advise on the right legal structure of a business. They would help you know about a particular location you opt to start your business. They also help you prepare all necessary documents that you need to submit. They help co-ordinate with government authorities to renew licenses. They also give you the right secretarial services to start your new business.

Personal Attention

The auditing firms in Dubai always encourage their team to offer personal attention to each and every client requirement. They are always ready to listen to your requirements and do in-depth study of your business requirements to understand your business. They work with a positive energy that gives confidence to their clients. They respect each and every client’s business requirement and thus assist every project they get equally. They believe in providing practical solutions to each client confidentiality of your financial information is what you can expect each time you hire them

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