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Procedure for filing VAT return in Dubai and How to File VAT Return in UAE - EVAS International

Mar, 22
vat return filing

Evas international – Procedure for filing VAT return in Dubai, For many people starting their business in U.A.E has become easy and with the increasing number of people starting their business here, Dubai has planned to implement VAT for the business owners. It becomes necessary for the business owners to be aware of the procedure of filing their VAT returns in Dubai.

The businesses can fill their VAT return through the portal of FTA (Federal Tax Authority). The FTA portal is specially designed to receive the returns via online mode. The process of receiving the VAT returns in offline modes via Excel, XML in offline mode or via any other mode is not available at present. This means every tax payer will be asked to supply the details manually like Purchase, value of sales, Input and Output VAT etc. in the relevant boxes provided on the form of VAT return on FTA portal.

VAT 201 is the name designated to VAT Return form that the taxpayer is requested to fill & submit to complete the process of VAT Return filing. There are 7 different sections based on which the VAT 201 form is categorized and they are

  • Details of Taxable person
  • Duration of VAT Return
  • VAT on different outputs and sales
  • VAT on different inputs and expenses
  • VAT due – NET
  • Additional requirements for reporting
  • Declaration & Authorized signatory

Each of the above mentioned sections comprise of different boxes that the taxpayer needs to fill in with required details to complete the process of filing VAT Tax return.

Procedure of filing VAT Returns in Dubai

  • In order to file VAT Tax returns the taxpayer needs to access the portal for FTA e-Services. The taxpayer should log in to the portal with username and password.
  • 10. Choose ‘VAT’->VAT 201- VAT Return-> from the navigation menu and then select ‘VAT 201-New VAT Return’ to start the process of filing VAT returns.
  • Upon clicking ‘VAT 201- New VAT Return’ the VAT return form will open displaying different sections.

Let us look at the procedure for VAT Tax return filing and the required information to complete the sections mentioned in the form.

9. Details of Taxable person

The section that asks for the details of the taxable person will include details like Tax Registration Number or “TRN” of the taxpayer. The section will also ask for name as well as address and the details will be entered automatically.

In case your tax agent is submitting your VAT Tax return on your behalf then some other details related to the tax agent will be asked like

  • Tax Agent Approval Number (TAAN)
  • Tax Agency Number (TAN)
  • Name of the Tax Agent
  • Name of the Tax Agency

8. Duration of Tax Return

This section needs to be populated with the duration of VAT returns which means the period for which the returns are to be filled. Here VAT return period – reference number, due date of VAT return and Tax year end will be filled automatically.

7. VAT on different outputs and sales

In this section the taxpayer is asked to fill in the details taxable supplies with standard rate at Emirates grade, exempt supplies, zero-rate supplies etc.

6. VAT on different inputs and expenses

This section asks the taxpayer to fill in the details of expenses/purchases for which he/she has paid tax (VAT) at the rate of 5% which is a standard rate and the supplies that are prone to alter charge basis with required retrieved input tax.

5. VAT due – NET

This section covers the following details

VAT payable for a specific VAT return span.

4. Additional requirements for reporting

This section is meant for business owners who have utilized and applied for different provisions that fall under Profit Margin scheme. If one hasn’t applied for it they can simply check the box No and head towards next section.

3. Declaration & Authorized signatory

This section asks the taxpayer to supply the details of authorized signatory and check the box located besides declaration section in order to submit their form for VAT return. The taxpayer can also save the entered details as draft and can submit on a later date.

As a taxpayer, it is necessary to check all the details that you filled in the VAT return before you hit the submit button. While entering the information you should be 100% sure of its accuracy. After you successfully complete the process of submitting VAT Tax Return form, FTA will send you an email to confirm submission of the VAT return form.

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