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Best Professional Accounting Services and Accounting Firm in Dubai

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Mar, 22
Accounting Firm in Dubai

Top Accounting Firm in DubaiAccounting certainly helps your business grow and run smoothly. Accounting practices came into picture because of business and trade industries but it is crucial for all the companies to have an organized accounting system to keep track of all business transactions and avoid the tax related issues.

In order to keep track of all your business transactions there are many accounting firms in Dubai that comprise of a team of qualified and experienced accounts professionals like CPA and CAs. These professionals maintain the records of incoming and outsourced accounting business transactions and generate financial statements on a regular basis.

VAT Returns filing has become crucial in Dubai and looking at its importance many accounting firms are not equipped to help their clients to file VAT Returns to avoid tax hassles. VAT Returns are supposed to be filed online via FTA portal and in order to carry out the process smoothly you can seek help from accounting firms available in Dubai.

How the Accounting firms assist you to file VAT return that is Form VAT201?

The professional accounting firms drop in to your office on a regular basis which can be quarterly, monthly or weekly. They compile the data supplied by you to carry out the process of VAT return filing.

These accounts professional are well acquainted with the VAT laws of UAE and they generate VAT return on your behalf according to the laws of VAT return. They make sure that your VAT Return is filing within a given period of time during every tax period to avoid penalty and other problems.

The accounting firms employ experienced CAs who guides you to make minimal payment for tax liability according to the VAT Law UAE provisions. They will also to the necessary planning for your company regarding tax payment.

In case you are busy with your business schedule the accounting professionals can also represent you in front of the tax authorities when required.

If you are not aware of the process of filing VAT returns, the tax experts will help you access the online services and fill in the form with necessary information within specified time given by tax authorities.

It becomes impossible for the businesses to take care of their tax and accounts matters and thus they need to take help from tax agents to handle the matters related to tax.

As there are some documents required to be submitted in Arabic languages to the respective authority, you may need a tax agent who is well versed in Arabic and you don’t have to worry about submitting the documents in Arabic language.

As a taxable person you need to necessary records and documents of five years. It is not easy to maintain the records for almost 5 years for you while handling your business. Hence hiring a tax professional would be an added advantage as he/she will maintain necessary records of your company on your behalf leaving no last minute hassles.

As the tax professionals always update themselves with the latest tax rules and regulations they know how to abide the laws. They are aware of the new provisions as well. Hiring a tax professional will certainly help you identify the things you are supposed to do and don’t while paying tax and it would lead to a perfect tax management.

While dealing with your business you can’t be present in front of FTA when required and it can sometimes lead to unwanted notices being sent to you in future. The accounting professional will handle all tax related issues on your behalf in front of FTA and will help you avoid unexpected notices.

The best thing is that once you hire a tax professional, he/she will be solely responsible for furnishing all your necessary records, data, documents and necessary information and submit to FTA. They will handle all your tax affairs easily on your behalf. This will certainly save your time and reduce stress.

Many people try to handle tax affairs on their own and later regret when they are not able to abide the tax laws and regulations. Later they hire tax professionals to fix tax issues, which is not the right practice. It is always better to hire a professional accounting firm that would take away your tax related burden right from when you start your new business setup. They will let you maintain each and every record that matters to your tax payments in near future. So, let the accounting firms handle your tax affairs and you can look after your business without any stress.



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